WHO IS Thatch + Catcher

    Marnie Gaspar       

As a child, Marnie was some what of a 'gypsy' never staying in one place for long. Twelve primary schools, countless homes and towns Marnie became used to the nomadic way of life.

Now, one could assume that moving so much would equate to endless friends and beautiful new beginnings, however for Marnie the constant threat of having to start again, of being the new girl made her quiet, withdrawn and extremely shy. 

Finishing school Marnie desperately wanted to move into the creative world, however the shyness and lack of confidence hindered Marnie incredibly.....Instead, Marnie's journey went in a very different direction. Marnie studied to be a Nurse and got herself a 'normal' job. 

But being the kind of girl that never gave up on her dreams and with a strong gypsy heart Marnie was determined to make that change.....to follow her dreams....to have a new beginning.

Its time to start something new & trust in the magic of new beginnings...

Now you can be part of the journey and follow Marnie on her continued search for magic...